Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Passive House Basement, Wall and Roof Details

I thought I would post an earlier design I had prepared.  We almost went for permit with this, but as we have a little more time now, I'm working to reduce the cost and foam contents of the foundation details, as you'll see in the earlier Dec 9 blog.  There is also a little issue with the wall and roof structures - The amount of TJI's used.  They are nice as one can get them easily in long continuous lengths, but the pricing has been an issue - I found them quite expensive compared to solid dimensional lumber.  The other drawback is that they have very little tensile strength in the lateral direction - ie the flanges can pull off - they were never designed to take loading in that direction.  My concern is that in the wall assy, they might not be great if the wall finish was heavy.  In the roof, uplift forces may be a concern.  Larsen trusses apparently can take a little more in this regard - but I think some testing should be done.


  1. Thermotech and Inline have the identical performance using the same glass. Therefore using a local company with lower prices and more options makes more sense.

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  3. I don't think Inline and Thermotech have the same performance. What is the frame u-value, the airtightness, the spacer u-value?