Friday, December 23, 2011

A Rather Massive Roof

Well the hip was 'Piddley', and some said it was like a chunk cut out from the roof.  I personally liked it, and the reduction in mass it offered but we were also encouraged to make a simple, single gable.  Here is the result.  Still don't see any connection to the neighbours, as per the recent comment in the last post, but that is a tougher issue, perhaps, and will be worked on soon.

The taller, and more massive gable struck me as elegantly simple, though it gives the building a more serious air, compared to the cuter three-part roof.  One major excitement is the improved solar angle and the now much larger surface for solar PV modules, which are way down in price right now at about $1.73 per watt, with the required Canadian content.  I'd love to have the entire roof covered with panels, but the sizing is not working out qutie yet.  The west facade is rather plain and needs work too.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Last minute change?

We are about to demolish, excavate, and start concrete work.  Wife and Hubby disagree on the roof line!
A:  features the Hip Roof on the West side.  B: Features a gable instead.



What do you think?