Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prices of Vacuum Insulated Panels

I was amazed to find a corporate website giving prices for their VIP's online - but I think its such a good idea.  The lack of price information on the internet is the major obstacle to optimizing designs of any products, including buildings.  Here is the link.
http://www.glacierbay.com/barrier_price.asp.  Price ranges from a minimum of about $30/SF USD, but goes by the number of panels.  Each panel is about $345, at a max of 30"x35", and $600 for a max of 60" x 70".  Glacier Bay also provides an excellent primer on this technology: http://www.glacierbay.com/support/library_docs/vacpanelinfo.asp

Given this information, I feel a vacuum insulated door with a window should be possible to market for about $2000.  I recently received some pricing for the Frostkorken VIP door and the price seems astronomical at something like 3times that number.  Major market niche is possible here for NA.
The other company providing VIPs is Nanopore.  http://www.nanopore.com/vip.html

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  1. I have a splier for around $12 per sq ft for VIP panels 1/2" thick