Thursday, May 27, 2010

The above pic is seems the nicest so far to me, but we've received the first feedback from the preliminary review at the city and there are two main issues - the balcony is too big, and the 3rd storey is not allowed. The balcony's max size is 40.8 SF (3.8 sq m), and the zoning only allows 2 storeys in our area - despite the building meeting the height limitations - so we will see what can be done about this with the adjustment process. (The nice, deep part of the balcony needs to be cut in half, basically, and the rest eliminated.  This means the balcony will probably never be used, since it will be about 3.5' x 11.5' - too narrow to have a nice outdoor table and chairs).  Since the zoning adjustment takes a while, we plan to redesign a little and submit plans with which construction can proceed while further permissions are being sought on those two issues. There was a couple of other issues as well, actually - the porch must not have a roof over it, or it will be counted as coverage - this is is not in the zoning laws, but due to the tendency of people to enclose porches with roofs, the city takes this hawkish position on that issue - so we need to reduce the porch roof as well, and perhaps the porch too. this also affects the large porch on the north side.  Interior layouts keep adjusting and changing - for months now...but improving.

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