Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kitchen Recirculating Range Hoods (Ductless)

Terrel Wong of Stone's Throw Design (see link to the Rosedale House) found the VentaHood Ductless range hood on the internet - It is a nice looking unit which has 3 grease and smoke removal stages, and it doesn't use a filter pad.  It employs centrifugal grease removal first, then a carbon pellet bed filter, then a large paper filter.  This is the best residential ductless range hood I've seen so far.  There are others by Kobe and Berbel, but this one seems the best to me, based on specs.  Canadian Appliances Inc. is to give me a price on these.

Note that a large capacity ducted range hood depressurizes the house, increasing the entry of soil gases into the home - such as radon.  If you are running the range hood with a fire going in the fireplace in the other room - bad situation - smoke all over the house.  Also, if you are running the ducted range hood and you have a gas furnace, gas water heater - also bad situation - CO gases may easily come into the house.  In these cases, you want to have a very leaky, energy hog of a house - then you might be okay.

Ductless is very much the way to go in an energy efficient, airtight house.

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  1. Interesting post. There's a good review of kitchen range hoods on Green Building Adviser right now -- under "Musings of an Energy Nerd".

    Might you be so kind as to post, perhaps in comments, the price of this nifty recirculating unit that you found.