Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Economy House

Marianne Cusato has designed an interesting house, not very big, but with 4 bedrooms, that can be built very cheaply, and provides some flexibility in living - perhaps even a rental income.  I found this approach very to our liking and thought, why not redraw this house as a passive house?
You can see the New Economy House here:

Things I noticed about the New Economy House:

  1. Not too much provision for a hall closet - if you wanted to have a basement, with stairs underneath the existing staircase.
  2. Bathroom layouts upstairs are a little tight.
  3. 2' thick walls leave the windowed facades quite a bit different looking from the original
  4. the 30" thick roof similarly has a strange appearance that needs to be addressed.
Here is a visual:

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