Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lyndon Than and Phi Than Toronto Star Article

Cynthia Vukets, a Toronto Star Reporter wrote an article about our 'passive solar house' in the Toronto Star.  Note how she does not call our house a 'Passive House'.  I find there is a funny response from some people about the word 'passive'.  Our plans examiner at the City of North York thought the name 'Passive House' was a bad name - he thinks one should be 'assertive'.
Anyway, the article appeared in the Thursday April 14th edition of the Toronto Star, Living Section, Page L7.  About a 1/2 page, discussing our project and Passive House in general.  I liked the article - but sorry, no link - I haven't found the online version. Here is the scan, click on it to enlarge.

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