Monday, December 12, 2011

Last minute change?

We are about to demolish, excavate, and start concrete work.  Wife and Hubby disagree on the roof line!
A:  features the Hip Roof on the West side.  B: Features a gable instead.



What do you think?


  1. B is more consistent with the rest of the house. In this case it would also be wise to consider the cladding associated with the two lower height roofs. Experiment with the same cladding on the two wings (for example, both stone or both stucco).

    A larger issue is the lack of relationship to the neighbouring houses, as depicted. Your house towers over the neighbour and is a different material with a much brighter colour. Given the proximity of the houses, the result feels uncomfortable. It may be worth experimenting with the materials or colours of the composition, keeping the total streetscape in mind.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks so much for your comments. I completely agree that the house appears to tower over the neighbours. However, there are some 6 house projects within 700' of our own, and they are all tall. I fully expect the bungalow on the left will be replaced soon, though it is likely the one behind will remain somewhat longer. I d plan to experiment with finishes, and choosing a darker colour that works better with the neighbouring houses will be of importance. However, our choice of finish has been fiber-cement, mainly because it takes minimal space, and there is no chance we would clad with brick due to its poor insulating performance. 'Stucco' finishes are presently relying heavily on rigid foams, which are desirable to avoid, and being required to be back-vented now in Ontario, their insulating performance is also no longer an attraction. However, excellent comments and thanks so much.

  3. A Back-vented stone cladding may be an option for the two 'wings', but with both the other buildings being reddish brick - it does seem tricky to find a way to relate. Of the other projects on the street, I can see no effort made to relate to existing street conditions, colour or form-wise.