Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Solid Lumber Sheathing

Recent Photos:
We opted for solid lumber sheathing, right from design.  It is a fairly vapour-open sheathing, due in large part to the gaps, which is what we wanted.  It is also strong - allowing us to apply a wide variety of finishes, and place strapping anywhere we want.  The lumber used was good one side 1x10 (22 x 235mm) pine/spruce, gotten for a really good price.  It was actually 7/8" (22mm) thick.

Basement window install.  The peel and stick flashing on the bottom covers shaped rigid foam.  It will be covered with a metal flashing as well.  There is a good 1" space between the window and the concrete, which was formed to overlap the window on 3 sides.  The window sits in a 3/4" (19mm) plywood box cantilevered out from the inner wood frame, but is supported by the rigid foam at the concrete.
Note the concrete drip edge cast into the window opening.

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  1. Great, you should be closed in before winter hits. I wonder how many times the engineer will test the (thermal) performance of his new rig :). Have fun!