Friday, January 25, 2013

Thought I would post some of the older  photos.

Lovely attic space will be a sea of cellulose soon.

Solar panel installation.

A view between the double wall frames.


  1. Wow, the attic is lovely! Make sure its well ventilated so that house will be more comfortable during the summer. The state of the attic defines the life of the roof, like a moist air will cause its shingles and underside to rot.

    Conner Spear

  2. Good point, Conner! And during cold weather, a well-ventilated attic will help move the warm air below. Letting the warm air to linger will flux with your roof's underside sheathing and will cause it to rot.

  3. @Conner: any kind of moist cause rottenness. Like a moist from a falling leaves or a ripe fruit will cause the moss and leads to deterioration. So, aside from ventilation and insulation during cold weather, it's important to keep a routine of going up the roof and swept off those materials that may bring damage.
    Chantay Smithingell @