Sunday, December 15, 2013

Exterior Cladding is Finally Going Up

The exterior cladding is finally coming together, but its hard to photograph due to scaffolding, and the difficulty of getting a good camera angle.
We've made so many changes to the project it is no longer funny, so I've figured out now that one way to avoid changes is to build it fast!  Everyone seems very unwilling to change things once the money is spent and the construction complete.  Sadly, that is not our current situation!

Here's a rendering of what we are doing:

I offered to go up there and paint the roof white (because we both felt we chose the wrong colour shingles for it), but she's not keen on the white idea, so the brownish mistake will remain.  I find the house pleasing, though it is simple.

And here's a pic of the cladding going up:


  1. What cement board and stainless clips are you using? They look quite nice!

    1. These are porcelain tiles. We designed the clips and had them made by Eastern Precision machine shop.

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