Saturday, May 10, 2014

100 in 1 Day Toronto

What if hundreds of people united, each putting in place the changes they wish to see in their city, all on the same day?
On 7 June 2014, for the first time-ever, Toronto will host 100 in 1 Day.
This citizen-driven festival will unite people across the city to make Toronto a better place by creating acts of urban change.
These acts, or interventions, have the potential to raise awareness of urban and social issues, inspire ideas, and motivate leaders to consider new approaches to old problems.
From 2-4 pm, we will be hosting Net Zero Passive House Tour
We invite the community to come and see what we've done with our house project to minimize our ecological footprint. The design directly targets net zero energy and passive house certification and aims to achieve this at no cost premium. The tour will include a presentation of features and strategies to make the most of every opportunity to improve performance, comfort, function, and versatility. 
Note: As the house is currently under construction, the tour will not be suitable for children and those with mobility challenges.
Do you have an idea for making Toronto a better place? Share it here:


  1. looking forward to the tour!

  2. Excellent design, I'm sure you will not complain about the bills. In my opinion, better to invest more in the beginning and then pay less.

  3. I want to thank you for sharing your thought-provoking project with us. It was a pleasure to experience the enthusiasm exuded by you both.