Saturday, September 2, 2017

Design Business and Delivering Passive House at MArket Value

Passive Buildings Canada has been busy recently and they are teaming with Yestermorrow to offer the following 2 courses.  Very tempting.

It takes far more than being a great designer and builder to establish a successful design/build business.  Adam Cohen shares his insights in developing a successful business model to produce low energy buildings on time and on budget.   Join several  Toronto based firms,make contacts and grow your business.

Interested in the LEAN process specifically geared to the work you do?  This class will discuss the basics of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Passive Building design principles, LEAN construction, work flows specific to IPD, BIM integration and in-depth instruction in the design ~ estimating integration needed for a successful project. It would be amazing to have the tools to run projects smoothly and effectively with all team members on board helping to get to the same goals then this course is for you and your team.

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