Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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Jan. 19, 2010
We are presently in the early phases of designing and building a passive house on our residential lot in north central Toronto. A Passive house is a super-insulated and carefully designed building which uses only about 10% of the energy a normal house uses to heat and cool the interior. It is made very airtight to achieve this result, but benefits from a dedicated ventilation system (HRV or ERV), which provides excellent indoor air quality.

See www.passivehouse.us to find out more about what a passive house is.

Here are some project parameters:

The house is to have two floors and a basement. The maximum footprint of the house is 1585 sqft, due to zoning and lot coverage issues. This may include some of the eaves and porches and so forth, but at this stage, we think there are exemptions in the zoning bylaw for these features, with some conditions.

Toronto, Ontario (North York) Lattitude 43.75deg N
Longitude 79.5deg W

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  1. Hey Lyndon and Phi...

    Jerry and Julia here. Looks like things are going well with your build.

    We are into the design phase of our own project now, doing block diagramming and going for preliminary zoning soon. So, I'm actually going back to the beginning of your blog to reread everything!