Friday, February 5, 2010

Fig 1: Site Plan

Fig 2: Viewing North-West

Fig 3: Viewing South-west

Well, here is an early version of a house design in which we've worked out a number of things, including main and 2nd floor plans, and exterior features to some degree such as windows. The exterior detailing is not really given attention yet, so there are little things to sort out. The house is tall (about 34ft or 10.5m) in this drawing, which means blending into the street-scene could be an issue, so the tall trees (12.5m oaks are shown) are intended to help in establishing context - However, the tree on the left in Fig 2 is right where a hydro-pole is, so there are issues. The curving drive is really sweet, in our minds. The lower 'shrubs' you see are 3m (12ft) tall and thick cedar hedges already existing on the site, as is the separate garage. The Revit model didn't have much available to make them look more realistic.

We intend to bury the electrical service to the house to get rid of that nasty wire running across the property.
Height is measured to the mid-point of the roof, from the crown of the road - there are two roads abutting the property in our case, so I've taken the highest point available from these.
The view shown is the south facade with the larger windows. the Passive House software was already applied to the model and there seems to be no problem with meeting the heat load and the annual energy requirements - but there is a little too much sun in summer, pushing 50% of sunny days over the 77degF comfort limit, but that is probably because I haven't entered all the shading factors as yet, not knowing the tree choices and locations.

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