Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exterior Design

The 'pattern language' website on the internet has been very informative, providing guidelines in designing everything from cities to balconies. Based on this, we realized the long narrow balcony would not get used, so we were encouraged to increase it's depth. We've also received suggestions from local architects, and appreciated their feedback greatly, as it has improved the design a lot. With this balcony change (recessing the south wall at the west side), it slowly became natural to revise the porch below as well, so it is now fully covered, and no longer protrudes past the balcony. It is also tucked cozily into the corner near the pergola. These changes meant we lost some space inside, which hurt a bit! I think they are significant improvements to the building as a whole, however. The energy balance was very positive with the addition of the clerestory windows and the large expanses of south facing glass. It may even mean we can add more windows on the north side.

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